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Always a joy to read your news letters. This is the never ending story or subject, the mystery that we humans I hope one day may understand but truly doubt we ever will. The truth of all being one and at the same time being individualized expressions of the one is as difficult to understand as living within infinity when our language is based on finite thinking. I understand everything you say and my soul takes it all in but I cannot express or explain what it is I understand. I wish you more of what you already are and absolute wisdom and understanding in the ever present now. Ed x

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Yes. The thinking mind can't really go there, can it. It can only be experienced, far beyond the confines of the limiting language used to merely describe it. (I do my best.)

But as you say, the soul instantly recognizes the truth, and even our physical biology, to a certain extent, still does too. When something aligns with truth, we physically pick up that resonance and it feels good, or calm, or peaceful, or expansive. And of course we feel not-good when aligned with the opposite. We're not really taught to recognize or focus on those biophysical cues (which never lie!), but it probably ought to be required learning in every kindergarten classroom. :-)

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