Nov 27, 2023Liked by Carrie Triffet

Thank you Carrie for this wonderful newsletter! This is the best poking we can do to each other.

I have been practicing saying NO, first I thought, how could this stop the war, but what I have realized, it’s stopping the war in me first, removing those fear factors and bringing peaceful facts in my mind.

The other day I was going about my day and I this thought “as human family we trust each other and we’re not here to kill each.”

It seemed kind of random thought, because I was not thinking anything about that.

And it explained a little more with the example:

“Like those fruits you get from far lands you trust those people and you eat them with a joy and appreciation”

We buy some delicious dried fruits from Greece and Turkey, (thanks to Etsy) now I feel more connected to them than just eating the fruits because I paid for them, but there’s a bond of affection between us.

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I agree Rube, that it's all about stopping the war within ourselves first, and doing outward actions only after that! (I like your epiphany about the dried fruits too.)


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