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Damn, it IS hard to swallow, Carrie! LOL But I have to say, it really does ring true. Thank you as always for bringing up unpopular spiritual truths to light. When I make "how I'm doing/feeling today" important, when I define myself by my separate selves, I set myself up for disappointment, frustration, and that never-ending tug of war. I'd love to hear more: what does "turning your back on the whole she-bang" look like for you in practice?

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Hi Rieko! Well yes, I suppose it IS pretty unpopular. But truth does tend to be, right?

For me: I guess the great gift of these times is that these days we’re all bombarded 24/7 with unhelpful/unhealthy energies of all sorts. Speaking for myself, I find it much harder to get clear space to meditate/contemplate/just be—as compared to, say, 10 years ago, where it was easy. (Probably most people can’t put their finger on why they’re so stressed and out of sorts.)

Fighting to open and keep a clear space is hard, or at least I find it so. But when I stand back and realize how bored I am with the fight and with the game of ego/veil/personal self, and I’m already very motivated and interested in walking away from the whole fight for clear space…it becomes fairly easy to just let go of wanting to cherish and hang onto any (or all) of the selves. The spiritual one, the writer one, the wife, the nature girl (ha!), or any of the less desirable ones. Releasing them doesn’t mean they all go away, it means new energy can flow. And in the absence of the white knuckled grip upon the bits we like or don’t like, that vast open space beneath it all opens up. The space that is completely untouched by inner and outer bombardment of any kind.

For me, I relax in to the point that I start to drift…and when I drift I lose focus and the ‘regular’ programming comes back. So I’m a ways off from mastery, here. But working on it!

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Wow thank you so much for this Carrie! Sorry I didn’t get any notification and totally missed this 🤪 I really resonate with walking away from the fight and letting clear space open up… I love that!! And also that bit about losing focus after you relax and drift for a while… that sounds very familiar to me too lol. It can feel frustrating as hell, but that frustration IS the fighting, isn’t it? And so I can walk away from that again. I just heard someone say something along the linens of “the one who wants to wake up IS the last barrier against waking up” which I think may be what you’re speaking to here too. Again, hard to swallow, but rings true. xox

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