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Carrie, when I was in the 4th grade, my elementary school offered free music lessons. I grew up in Los Angeles, California. My father wanted to be a concert violinist. I grew up hearing stories about his crushed dreams of being a musician. I decided to play the violin for a short time. I wanted to please my father. My father decided I would live his dream life. I told him that was not my dream. I wanted to be a veterinarian. He decided my life was to be a violinist in the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. When I turned 18, I told him I was not going to be a professional musician. That was brave. I still lived at home while I attended college. 

I got married when I was 20 to leave home. I didn't take my violin with me. I went back to my parents house a couple of months later. My mother sold my violin. 

The piano was my second instrument. I got a keyboard which I liked to play better than the piano. Then I got a small, family organ. I loved to play the organ. One day, when I get a place big enough, I will look for another home organ. I have several fake books or books which use guitar chords instead of left hand notes. I can read the guitar chords for my left hand and plan the melody with my right hand. I like that plan. I am still looking for a mobile home to buy.


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From my earliest memories, I knew I was different. I saw things no one else saw. I knew things no one else knew. I did thing other 6 year old kids didn't do. I healed animals with the help of my grandmother. I knew the animals in my neighborhood communicated with each other and they shared I was the human to go to when the animal was hurt, abandoned or lost. Most days, when I walked home from school, I had one or two dog or cats follow me home. I called out to my mother, today two "Today, two dogs followed me home." She told me to stop allowing them to follow me. That would be like me not breathing. A life time later, I live with a rescue cat that is my companion.

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By the way Carrie, about your technical issues, i realized mercury is currently in retrograde form dec 29-january 18.. i found this out because this week i have been coming across such a ridiculously high number or technical issues with various things I've been trying to do online across the board on different websites and with different companies that i thought.. I'm just going to look up if mercury is in retrograde and sure enough, we're smack bang in the middle of a retrograde period. So hopefully a stuff with the Mondays at 8 mailing list will start smoothing out after the 18th! Loved this post as usual, yes fellow wierdo here though i don't think myself or others could put a finger on why i was weird, i didn't have any visions or really any particular thing that made me different (i wasn't even into spirituality until my 20s), but i always was an outsider even as a kid. Thanks for this positive spin on it :+)

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