Hi Carrie .. It really is pure silly when you think about it!! I grew up with it, was paralysed by it at times and now it all just makes me laugh , it’s pure nonsense .. listening to you reading I realised how much I’ve let go of and released from myself .. thank you !!

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Hi Carrie,

Thanks for let’s talk original sin :)

Who was it? when talking about sex said ‘if it doesn’t feel dirty you’re not doing it properly’.

In ACIM, the original separation from god/source or the ‘seeming separation’ from god/source (the tiny mad idea), results in massive unconscious guilt which somehow or other will find expression in the bodily/human condition.

Is there a correlation between original sin and the above?

Thanks again


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Thank you Carrie!

“Original Sin” it is unbelievable that these two words has imprisoned humanity for centuries.

The funny thing is, we don’t even know exactly what it is, but we are guilty and ashamed of it.

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Hi Carrie, nice to meet you. Great articles on sin, the belief in it anyway, thankyou. 100% correct as far as I can see. We are born into sin, the idea of it. We have denied and buried that idea, to the point of not even knowing it. All our self images are built and maintained through that idea, until the belief is looked at, challenged and healed, and even then the entire world is set up to keep us 'in it'. Agree, it's a deep down idea 'there is something wrong with us'. It causes us to look outside ourself to a world filled with special relationships. Turning within to the God Self or the Holy Spirit is the only thing that gets us 'out' of this idea. Unless and until we learn to turn within to the Presence that knows the truth of who we are, nothing in our life, or in our world will change. Great article again, thankyou. Blessings.

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