About me:

35 years and counting of dogged spiritual pursuit, but the sucker still eludes my grasp. And y’know, that’s entirely as it should be.

Meanwhile, I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned along the way (and am learning still.) So I write, I teach, and occasionally do video projects and whatnot, all on a theme of spiritual liberation.

I’ve written 4 quirky books of spiritual-comedy-memoir. (Try finding that section in your local book store.) Anyway, some of them have won nice book awards. One or 2 have tickled the toes of the bestseller lists.

For more about each of those books, along with lots of the aforementioned videos, audios and other writings, check out my website.

About my transition to Substack:

Bye bye Mailchimp. This is way better, and it gives us all lots more options. Like, you’ll be able to find the whole archive of previous newsletter articles here.

And so much more than just a newsletter. I’ve added a 12 episode video series called ‘Human Nature,’ which previously aired on Awake TV. I’ve also been adding spoken audio versions of some of my newsletter posts. Which you may or may not consider a plus, but they’ll be there if you want them.

And I’ve uploaded a free version of my most recent book, that can be read online if you choose. As time goes on, maybe I’ll add a course, too.

I even experimented for a few months with a weekly gathering point called Mondays at 8. It was kind of like a dinner party where you could chat with the host at the head of the table (me), or with the person seated across from you, if that was a more interesting conversation. It was great good fun, a fascinating experiment in warmth and mutual support, during these strange and often alienating times.

In short, I’m hoping you’ll find lots of rich and useful resources in this Substack, to enjoy in a multitude of ways.

About subscribing to my newsletter:

Please do. I’d like that.

PS - These days I’m experimenting with living in the spirit of gift. As in: everything I put on Substack is offered freely, from my whole heart. No strings attached.

For you, that means: No cost, no paywall, no worries. And it will stay that way.

But in the spirit of gift, I’m also offering an option where you can spontaneously gift me back. If you want to. If and when you authentically feel the urge.

Because the spirit of gift is actually a beautiful, dynamic, open-hearted flow between the giver and the receiver. And it benefits both sides equally.

It’s how the universe actually works, and has always been meant to work, here on planet earth. It all just got a little tragically tweaky somewhere along the way.

So I’m doing my bit to untweak it in every way I can, to help restore the real way of giving and receiving. So we can all benefit.

Or…you are entirely welcome to stick with the free newsletter, of course, which will always be exactly like the “paid” newsletter in every way. Either way, I thank you from my heart.

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Carrie Triffet

Spiritual freedom has been my longtime passion. I write books about it. I breathe it, eat it, sleep it. I brush its teeth. Whatever. You get the drift.